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Our consulting services

Experience Strategy

Customer preferences are changing rapidly, and your concept of customer service needs to adapt quickly to these changes. We are working with your team to develop a precise, forward-looking approach that unifies the experience across physical and digital touchpoints. This realistic road map helps you to act fast while remaining competitive.

Brand Development

Your brand needs to reflect the character of your organization and resonate with your audience. Our strategists and designers help you create, refine, and implement a brand that is compelling to your clients, differentiates your company, and promotes your continued growth.

Multichannel Content Strategy

Creating good content is just the start. It is critical to implement a framework for rich customer engagement as well as the technology to back it up to get the highest return on your content investment. We develop a multichannel platform strategy with proper structure and governance that is specific to your brand standards.

Process Optimization

Technology is changing more than how we communicate with customers and staff. It's fundamentally changing how we operate. To evolve and enhance your day-to-day business processes, SIXVERTEX applies our deep understanding of technologies, resulting in faster time-to-market, deeper customer engagement, as well as a more efficient and connected enterprise.

Data Monetization

It is increasingly critical for your success to collect, isolate, and interpret the correct data. We identify the patterns in the noise through data science and machine learning and use it to create value, equipping you to find opportunities that your rivals can't see.

Target Operating Models

By combining process, functional and logical application architecture in a task-oriented system, we create operating models that link business and technology perspectives together. The imperative and roadmap for a more efficient and cohesive organization is created by the resulting capacity to identify gaps and propose initiatives.

Innovation Capability

You need to adopt a process and mindset that supports your long-term growth engine to repeatedly bring great ideas to the market. We immerse your team in our process of implementing a structure and culture of innovation at the heart of your business, leveraging years of experience launching new successful enterprises.

New Idea Pipeline

Creativity and ideation need to become a habit to support continued growth in your business. We help you weave creative thinking and fresh perspectives into your daily processes through recurring engagements to ensure that your team maintains momentum and initiates, and develops, and supports innovative solutions that meet the needs of your clients.

Agile Professional Development

Successful digital transformation is possible when you have the right mentality for change and the appropriate development programs in place for your leaders and teams,. In collaboration with our consulting and engineering teams, our agile approach to professional development works to help your organization build stronger digital competencies.

Product Management

The adoption of a product mindset enables companies to develop new innovative products. As a full-stack consulting company with extensive market product expertise, we partner with clients to bring business and technology together so where we can help you shape the vision and strategy of your product and ensure optimum product results.

Service Automation

We use smart process automation techniques to transform legacy processes and thinking into streamlined operations to improve operational efficiencies, unlock cost savings, and enable revenue upside to make real transformation happen.

Platform and Product Strategy

The most significant factors for effective delivery are clear priorities and speed to market. Instead of battling through legacy systems, we focus on the big picture, platform-level structures and help you develop a strategic roadmap so that you can shift your attention to launching new products.

Cloud Strategy

We adopt a true multi-cloud transformation approach, helping you define your modernization goals and move with the right technology towards the desired future state, for the proper purpose, at the right time. We can make your cloud strategy a cloud reality with years of experience, specialized tools, and accelerator processes.

Managed Services

The ever-changing technology landscape creates significant pressure on businesses and their IT departments to embrace the latest and greatest technology while also running their existing systems and infrastructure to conduct daily business. We allow an organization to solve this problem by concentrating on the cutting-edge development of solutions and leveraging our resources to manage business-as-usual activities.

Solution Architecture

A winning approach to enterprise architecture includes complex business challenges and opportunities. Using modern architecture and validated agile integration methods, our Business solutions, and committed solution architects help you scale up and scale-out.

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