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A blockchain-powered platform where businesses can buy and sell products and services using BTC or ETH and more
Digitalization team

/ Tocoin- Munich, Germany

Tocoin is a crypto wallet for small and medium-scale enterprises to track their cash flow and expenses, connect with other potential clients and businesses to enhance their business and clientele.


blockchain | crypto | machine learning | platform | app


Our solution


Innovative blockchain-based platform with a mission to build digital profiles for businesses that support bookkeeping, capable of accessing business resources, and do transactions within the application.


We conducted a multi-methodology research effort to better understand how projects-parallax interact with business and market trends, how they wish to use them, their previous experience & current use of technology, & how academic researchers have sought to explore these questions in their relative fields of study.

Design & Development

If clean and maintainable code is at the heart of a great product, an intuitive and seamless user experience and user interface (UX / UI) is the soul. In order to have great UX, technical considerations must go into design. In order to express great UI, development teams must give as much attention to their front-end code as they do to their system architecting.

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What our clients say about us

Edward Rohen
Founder, Bridge of Life
An exceptional experience with sixvertex. They went beyond our expectation and did the project in record time. We have worked with many companies and they are by far the best. We cannot recommend them enough and we look forward to working with them for years to come.
Chris Leon
Founder, Leon
Understood the scope of work and was extremely easy to work with. Did a very professional job to exact specifications. They are very good at complete process.
Steve Warshark
Business developemnt, Provarien
1st rate senior developers that we highly recommend. They took our last minute project and make it better than we ever expected. They are easy to work with, very flexible, and extremely talented - 5 stars!
Dan Adams
Founder, Ecogreen
They took care of every problem we had, was flexible with our insane schedule and took criticism and feedback in stride. 100% recommend.

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